October 22, 2021

Employee Health ConsultingFactory Supervisor

Dale Bugay joins the RHK Group as our newest independent insurance agent. Dale brings over 30 years of employee health experience in working with employers to control both occupational and personal health risk factors. We recognize that managing employee health has become a business necessity due to the changing work environment and the new healthcare regulations.  In the current economy employers are required to increase productivity, reduce costs and offer affordable health benefits. These issues are compounded in manual labor businesses due to physical job demands, aging workforce and traditionally low health benefits participation.

The RHK Group is unique in that we offer experience and expertise in both personal and occupational health consultation. This diversity allows us to offer employers an integrated employee health solution that controls both work related and personal health, medical and disability costs. A truly engaged employee health culture will improve employee morale, productivity and return on investment.     

As an independent consultant group we work in concert with health insurance carriers.  Claim administrators often provide reactionary management to control medical and disability claim costs.  At RHK we focus on integrated cost saving strategies that prevent both direct and indirect claim related costs.  Studies have shown that only 30% of the total cost of a claim are direct medical and disability cost, the other 70% are indirect costs related to employee morale, productivity, absenteeism and turnover.   

Integrated Employee Health Strategies:

  • BWC Grants and Incentives: The Ohio BWC has just approved new employer grants, premium refunds and discount incentives.  RHK will assist employers in determining eligibility and return on investment feasibility.  We will coordinate development of these programs and integrate them with the new healthcare reform regulations when appropriate.   


  • Employee Health Risk Management: RHK Group will offer employee risk management policies that support a healthy work environment and objective claims resolution. Policies include claim reporting, disability management, physical demand job descriptions, and fitness for duty, pre-employment and return to work examinations.


  • Medical Provider Relationships: RHK Group will coordinate local Occupational Health Providers relationships to offer employee health, wellness and risk management medical services. We believe that quality managed care is best achieved through a direct local relationship between the employer and primary care health providers.  

Staff Experience:

Head shotDale Bugay: Prior to joining the RHK Group Dale was the founder and owner of Occupational Health Plan (OHP).  Started in 1991 OHP provided national occupational health consulting to employers and medical providers.  In Ohio OHP developed and maintained a standardized network of Occupational Health programs throughout the state to offer medical services to local employers. 

From 1997 through 2011 OHP also owned a Workers' Compensation third party claims administration service (TPA) and a certified Ohio BWC Managed Care Organization (MCO).  We provided managed care claims services to over 5,000 Ohio self-insured and state-funded employers.  Prior to OHP Dale has experience in the management and marketing of urgent care facilities, occupational health clinics, outpatient physical therapy, work hardening and wellness programs.

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